Gear Wrap

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Gear Wrap

Discover a new way to quickly pack and move your dry and wet gears. Large seamless waterproof tarp and quick cinch cords are for outdoor gears of all sizes and shapes. Whether you're planning a day out at the beach or setting forth on a multi-day expedition, we got you wrapped and ready to go.


Outdoor Packing Simplified

Whether you're planning a day out at the beach or setting forth on a multi-day expedition, the Gear Wrap from Gearlab Outdoors has you covered. Just open it up like a floor tarp and throw in everything you need. Pull the cord and hey presto, your gear is safely ensconced in an awesome waterproof duffle you can sling over your shoulder. You're ready to hit the road, the trail or the water. No time wasted, adventure awaits.

Wrap ‘n’ Packed

By laying out your gear on the tarp you know you're not forgetting anything. A fast, clear and efficient way to pack. It beats stuffing things into the dark crevices of a mouldy old rucksack! After a long trip, there's no need to spend time playing tetris with your gear. Heap your gear on, pull the cord and throw it in the car. You're good to go.

No Seams = No Leaks

The 75cm by 95cm packing area is totally seamless, which means nothing is getting in or out. You are welcome to throw all your wet or muddy gear in without worrying about messing up your car or your commute.

Rugged & Waterproof

Super durable 400D ripstop TPU laminated waterproof fabric, keeping your gear dry and safe on the trip and protecting them against elements of nature.

Cleaning is a Breeze

When it's time to clean your gear, the Gear Wrap serves as a floor tarp you can use in your garden to hose everything down on. Cleaning everything in one go has never been so easy.

Two Quickdraw Strings


Magic Slider Buckle

Hook & Loop Compression Straps

 Handy Side Zippered Pocket

 Carry in Your Grip, Shoulder or on Your Back