Deck Ray

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Deck Ray

Flatter and Lighter

For unobstructed paddling and rolling, the Deck Ray is designed for the most distinguished kayaker. This is 80% lower in height and 40% lighter in weight than the Deck Pod.

Expandable Storage

The center capsule storage is designed for easy access to a water bottle, or bilge pump. Two expandable mesh pockets on the side for other gadgets. We tested three full size energy bars, one GPS, pair of sunglasses, and a pair of gloves. Thoughtfully positioned anchor points throughout the bag allows even more versatility.

Deckhand Secured

Deck Ray is equipped with the Deckhand fastener system. Deckhand is a revolutionary deck fastening system designed and developed by Gearlab Outdoors. It enables fast and secure attachment to kayak deck lines for quick transport and deployment.

X-Pac Built-In

With the iconic X-Pac fabric from Dimension-Polyant as the main structure to ensure confidence and durability in your paddling adventures. The quick dry expandable mesh design makes the flat ray design possible.

Fully Integrated Anchor Points

Fully integrated anchor points thoughtfully placed throughout the bag where you need them most.

Hidden Handle

The carry handle is placed beneath the bag, securely out of sight when the Deck Ray is installed. The discreet design eliminates confusion with the spray skirt release pull when capsized.

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